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Honducol Air, Inc.

Honducol Air, Inc. was founded in 1985 in the city of Miami under the Florida State Laws, Register #J95623. For more than 30 years Honducol Air,Inc. has served the Aviation Industry, providing the highest service, sales, and support for all aircraft needs. We are committed to maintain a good reputation and always provide Excellent Customer Service.

We count with qualified personnel that inspect all sales orders and ensure that all certifications are complete and correct before they are shipped to our customers. Honducol Air, Inc. also works with Repair Stations authorized by the FFAA, which include Engine Repairs, Components, and Rotables.

OUR Services

Honducol Air, Inc. we Buy, Sell, and Support Parts for Military and Commercial Helicopters and Aircrafts.

We offer Repair and Exchanges on Engines, Rotables, and Components. Honducol Air, Inc. also offers Logistics Support, Distribution, (OEM and PMA), Aircraft, Engines and Ground Support Equipment authorized by the FFAA.


Honducol Air, Inc. works with companies authorized by the FFAA to make
major repairs, overhall and exchanges of engines and components.


PT-6, T-53, T-56, T-700, APU T-62T-40-1
Rolls Roys C250 Series.


Honducol Air is authorized by Copperstate Turbine Engine Co. (CTEC)  to offer
TP331 Engines Repair, Overhaul, Hot Section & Maintenance Services.
CTEC are an authorized HoneyWell Major Service Center.

We are authorized by AVMATS to offer T-62T-40-1 APU Major Repair
& Maintenance Services.


Honducol Air, Inc. we buy, sell, and support parts for Military and Commercial Helicopters and Aircrafts. We buy directly from the Manufacturer or Authorized Dealer. SPARE PARTS


Turbo Commanders
Casa 212
Boeing 737, 747, 767


Bell 204-205-206-212-214-222
Aerospacial 350
Hughes 300/500


Honducol Air, Inc. we are Sales Representatives for major corporations including B.E MEYERS & Co. Inc.

The best Customer Service is provided for the United States and South America.

Honducol Air, Inc. we are authorized dealers for Colombia and South America for the night vision manufacturer, B.E. MEYERS & Co. Inc.

Electro Optics. B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc., is an ISO 9001-certified developer, manufacturer and systems integrator of electro-optical and other related products used for defense, law enforcement and industrial applications. The company’s core competencies include laser targeting and illumination systems, weapons-mounted and hand-held lasers, night vision devices, long-range surveillance and other integrated electro-optical systems required by mission-critical military applications as well as homeland security. B.E. Meyers is proud of its reputation as a technology leader in delivering defense and law enforcement systems that are proven to meet the critical performance requirements of the actual battlefield. The company currently serves military and law enforcement customers with the following products: Weapon Systems (pointing and marking lasers, weapon aiming and illuminating systems, flash hiders), Non-Lethal Systems (visual disruption lasers), UAV and Integrated Lasers (lasers for OEM integration), and Surveillance Systems.

High-energy laser pointer and illuminator devices are used primarily for directing aircraft for ordnance placement. Current laser products range from green through infrared wavelengths, and from 50 mW to 4W output power. Lasers are available for hand-held use, for mounting on personal and crew-served weapons, and for integration into manned and unmanned vehicles and surveillance systems. The OWL® night vision scope remains the most versatile for camera and video surveillance for military and law enforcement applications. B.E. Meyers pioneered the usage of infrared lasers for enhancing night vision devices.

B.E. Meyers’ laser products are designed with aircraft-grade aluminum housings, and are constructed using field-proven manufacturing processes that ensure survivability and precision-targeting for the most demanding battlefield environments.

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